Perkins chose land use battle over Assembly race

Bob Perkins announced February 9, 2006, that he was withdrawing from the 28th Assembly race, saying he would focus on defeating a land use initiative in Monterey County instead.  Subsequently, Perkins served on the Plan for the People campaign that achieved a resounding defeat of the no-growth Measure A in the June 2007 election.

In a county ballot fight that saw more than $2 million spent by both sides, Plan for the People's "No on A" campaign prevailed, with voters deciding to reject Measure A by a 55-45 margin.

When he withdrew from his Assembly campaign in 2006, Perkins said, “Right now I can best serve my community by concentrating on the defeat of the Community General Plan Initiative that threatens to undermine agriculture, business and the economic health of Monterey County.”

Perkins ran for the 28th Assembly in 2004 and had announced his intention to seek the open seat in 2006.  He is executive director of Monterey County Farm Bureau and has been closely involved in local land use issues.  He has been a member of the Refinement Group, an organization of local interests analyzing general plan issues, since it was established in 2003, and he now serves as a director of Plan for the People, a group opposing the Community General Plan Initiative.

Perkins said, “I’m grateful for the confidence and help of the many people who supported my campaign.  I know this year’s election presented a rare opportunity to effect change in Sacramento, but I can make a more immediate contribution by helping defeat this local initiative.

“Farmers and ranchers see this initiative as the biggest threat to the future of agriculture that we’ve ever faced.  I’m convinced that citizens will vote this initiative down once they understand what it will do to our county.  Campaigning for partisan political office would interfere with my effectiveness in this critical land use battle, so I’ve made the decision to put my energy where it is most needed.”

You can contact Bob Perkins by e-mailing Bob Perkins or telephoning 831/595-5267.