Bob Perkins


Bob Perkins is involved in agriculture-related issues on California's Central Coast.  As executive director of a prominent agricultural organization and with a long career in agricultural issues, Bob brings a powerful combination of insights and experience to bear on events and topics that affect rural communities.

Bob is secretary of the Monterey County Republican Party Central Committee.  He was the Republican candidate for the 28th Assembly District in 2004.  He remains involved in local politics and issues. 


Agriculture:  Bob operates the Monterey County Farm Bureau's website, providing information to members and the public about agriculture, at

Land use: After an unsuccessful run for the California Assembly in 2004, Bob set aside his political ambitions to help defeat a land use measure that threatened agriculture in Monterey County.

History: Bob maintains the history of the U. S. Army motion picture studio that supplied Signal Corp documentaries and war coverage, and accumulated the Army's film history, at