Digital art by Bob Perkins.






Sedona, Arizona


The geology around Sedona offers remarkable scenes like this, which is in a stream north of Sedona.  This was photographed in winter, when intermittent rain and snow followed by warm weather provided a steady flow of water. 


One way to convey movement of water is with a slow shutter speed, which produces this effect.  The rocks were certainly beautiful, but I used the controls in Bridge and Photoshop to adjust the contrast and colors, to correspond to what my eye saw here.


The most skilled photo artists polish their talents at selecting the best film, precise exposure, filter and time to bring out these visual features.  The great advantage of digital art is that those of us with less time, talent and patience still have the ability to capture the same visual features through digital embellishment.


The eye and mind are equally important here.  Many tourists might visit this setting and see only some vaguely interesting rocks, but it requires an eye for art and an imagination to delight in the wonderful composition, lighting and colors that make this scene a special place.  The role of the artist is in part to help others to see.















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