Rocks basking in the setting sun at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada

Something about the angle of these rocks makes them seem to be leaning back and enjoying the setting sun.  Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area presents a spectacular array of scenic views, and the colors are enhanced in the setting sun.  It also offers some challenges; the fading light limits the time to take pictures; when reduced to a picture, these vistas can lose scale; and, the exact color can be a mystery.  The rock formations come in many shades of red, leaving the camera, the eye and photo software to translate the color.  There's little digital art added here, and it looks about right. 

This spot is just a small example of the ever-changing vistas in the Nevada desert just east of I-15, northeast from Las Vegas.  The drive from Las Vegas on Charleston Boulevard / State Route 159 abruptly leaves urban civilization for immense, rugged spaces and eventually leads to a crazy-quilt of red rock formations.  For its seeming remoteness, this splendid natural area can be enjoyed from well-paved roads.


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