Gerritt Wolsink on his way to win the 500cc competition in the U. S. Gran Prix of Motocross at Carlsbad Raceway in Carlsbad, California, in June 1976.

I like this photo both for the obvious feature of the action, capturing the bike in the air coming off a jump, and for the race crowd, an array of dress, attention and poses, illustrating the happy chaos of a race day.  This photo was previously incorrectly identified as Wolsink's teammate Roger Decoster, who also competed here.  I caught this and other shots of the race while working with Joe Denker and cinematographer Dan Yarussi on a film produced by Denker Creative Services for Suzuki that followed DeCoster around the Trans-AMA Motocross Championship.  This photo represents a transition in photography.  It's 35mm Kodak Tri-X developed in D-76, transferred by high resolution scan, with minimal editing in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.




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