Monterey wharf at twilight, Monterey, California

The wharves and marina at Monterey don't change much over time, so the challenge is to find something different about the weather, time of day, boats, people or sea life.  Evening twilight on the wharf can be a peaceful time.  As twilight faded, an impending storm fed clouds across the sky.  This is one of many compositions showing the calm water, quiet wharf and inky sky.  The birds are gone to roost for the night.  On a weeknight like this, the tourist crowd has thinned out.  The only sounds are the faint lapping of water around the pilings and the occasional bump of boats swinging slowly from their moorings against the wharf or other boats.  This was a handheld shot, with minimal Photoshop editing to balance the light and shadow.

All photos © R. E. Perkins
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