Sedona, Arizona


The red rocks around Sedona, Arizona, appeal to tourists, photographers and filmmakers.  This panorama stitches three overlapping images, which gives a wide angle view without distortion that would result from an extra-wide lens and multiplies the camera's digital resolution.  Similar to conventional photo techniques, such as dodging, burning, color filter adjustments and retouching, this picture required an unusual amount of work to correct non-image blemishes, bring out the color and capture the drama of light and shadow.  Photography can be challenged to reproduce the experience that the photographer feels, more than sees, in an awe-inspiring scene such as this.  There may be no way to convey the combination of senses that accompanied this scene, where the color and contrast barely suggest the physical experience of clouds and shadows drifting across this spectacular landscape, augmented by the feel and sound of the breeze, the distant calls of birds, and the fragrance of fresh air and trees and brush.  As appealing as this picture may be, it is a pale substitute for the privilege of standing in this spot and seeing this majestic vision.






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