Clouds, Sedona, Arizona

Weather is a vital contributor to appealing photographs.  The challenge is to capture just the right moment ... or even to recognize it.  This view looking west from Sedona, Arizona, includes just enough of the red rock layer that characterizes the area, but the clouds make the picture.  While I was shooting hundreds of photos of rock formations, I usually preferred a clear sky or an even overcast, to minimize the random contrasts of shadows of clouds.  For the travelling hobbyist, there usually isn't enough time to set up and wait for the right weather, so it's luck and an eye for an opportune moment that lets me occasionally catch a shot like this.  In a winter setting like this, there's always a chance of meeting extreme weather, like a good snowstorm or thickening thunderclouds, that can add drama to a shot.  Broken clouds sometimes deliver a sunny highlight that produces dramatic contrast in a picture.  The key to the scene above was to catch those red rocks in full afternoon sun.

All photos © R. E. Perkins
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