Buttes above Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, offers such an endless panorama of red rock formations, the photographer's only problem is to find a good combination of angle, composition and light.  I say "endless panorama" because the spectacular scenery makes itself appear infinite.  If you want a different scene, just walk a few yards to find a new combination of foreground, rock and sky.  Or wait an hour or day to see new interplay of light and weather that completely changes the scene.  Or for that matter come back to the area after a year or a decade, and the vegetation will provide new and different settings.  This picture, of course, is a photographer's trick.  While that overcast conditions supplied rich color and even lighting, almost like a studio show, it minimized the excitement that contrasting light and shadow produces in the grand vistas.  My imagination and Photoshop delivered that light and shadow that nature had set aside for the day.

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