Rug Traders, Istanbul, Turkey

My friend bargains for a rug over cups of tea with the owner of an Istanbul shop.

This experiment in Photoshop was lengthy, but I like this version.  Originally an ordinary snapshot with the room somewhat evenly illuminated but with a strong overhead light, the picture called for extreme treatment.  I produced layers to differentiate the colors in the rugs lining the room, darkened the scene while emphasizing the pool of light in the center.  I created different versions with various art filters and finally concluded I liked this Watercolor filter the best.  The impressionist approach to photography is attractive where it captures the feeling of the scene and also allows manipulation to dramatize an otherwise straightforward picture, made hastily during a shopping trip to the bazaar near our hotel. 

While my friend purchased a rug, I asked another partner in the shop about the inventory.  He told me the three-story shop (this is on the second floor) had about 2,000 rugs per floor, and the value of the rugs ranged from a few hundred dollars to (I think) about twelve thousand dollars.  Quickly calculating the total value of a densely-packed and highly flammable product, I asked whether the inventory was insured.  He said it was.  With more time, I should have asked how an inventory is kept and how value is established in the event of loss. 

You can get an impression of the more prevalent types of patterns around the room, and I was told no two rugs are identical.  My friend likes southwestern style décor and so he was attracted to the design that resembles a Native American rug.


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