Roger De Coster

Roger De Coster waits for the start of a Trans-Am motocross race at Unadilla, New York, in 1976.  While essentially authentic, this closeup has undergone a series of transitions.  The original Kodachrome was scanned, and imperfections were, to the degree practical, cleaned up in Photoshop.  The Poster Edge filter emphasized detail and lines.  De Coster, who was world motocross champion, was photographed here during his pursuit of his fourth Trans-AMA championship.  De Coster's dedication to riding was remarkable, as has been noted by many fans.  He was committed to the physical fitness that gave him an edge over other riders.  Lined up for a race start, De Coster would sit quietly with arms folded and mentally prepare for the competition.  When it came time for the starting gate to drop, he was a picture of concentration.  His riding style was smooth, looking almost relaxed, and his superb condition enabled him to put on the burst of energy and speed at the end of each race.

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