About Bob Perkins

Bob is a photographer, writer and observer of politics and issues.
Formerly based on California's Central Coast, 
he now lives in Mesa, Arizona.


Bob Perkinsí wide range of experience includes writing, editing, publishing, public relations, governmental affairs, issues analysis, crisis communications, management and marketing, photography, teaching and community advisory roles.


His assignments have included working for the California Senate, managing nonprofit associations, teaching at a community college, providing film production, photography and writing services for a Hollywood sales promotion agency, performing Army public affairs duties in Vietnam and U. S. military posts, and doing editing, writing and photography for several newspapers.

Bob holds a BA in journalism and an MBA.  He collects and publishes military history on a website he designed and maintains.  He was a candidate for the California State Assembly and served on his party central committee.  In his community leadership background, Bob served on a community college bond oversight committee, a California district fair board, a Chamber of Commerce government committee, and numerous community, local government and university advisory committees.


Contact Bob Perkins at RPerkins451@gmail.com



Bob Perkins designed and maintains this website, which was created and is owned by TexasComputing.com.

Bob Perkins 


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